Jastrans in East Java Translator Meeting

Jastrans in East Java Translator Meeting

Surabaya. Jastrans people attended East Java Translator Meeting at The Library Hall of Airlangga University, Surabaya on Sunday, January 19th 2019. This meeting was held by The Association of Indonesian Translators (HPI) East Java. Around 200 Translators from different places in East Java with distinct language expertise came to this meeting, learning and sharing translation experiences together.

The Head of HPI East Java, Mr. Arif Furqon welcomed the participants and opened the meeting by making a three-times knocked sound on his microphone. Next, Mr. Indra Listyo, Vice Chairman of HPI Jakarta gave an introductory remark to begin the meeting. “HPI is a place for which Indonesian translators gather and learn together. This is a professional association which has been recognized by international entities and is a fellow of Fédération Internationale des Traducteurs / International Federation of Translators (FIT/IFT).”

The meeting ran enthusiastically guided by a cheerful MC, Mr. Dewantara Ratri who is also a senior translator from Surabaya. There was a get-to-know game in the beginning of the meeting which required the participants to talk and make a link with one another. That was so fun since the participant who made links the most, they received a reward at the end of the event. A lot of senior translators came to this meeting such as Ms. Vina and Ms. Ferdina Siregar – an international interpreter, Mr. Sony Novian – a successful interpreter from Jakarta, Mr. Ferry Toar – a senior translator, and many more.

Apart from sharing translation experiences, this meeting offered four learning topics including Building Business in Language Service, Introduction to Interpreting, Introduction to CAT Tools, and Achieving High-Quality Translation. Each topic was conducted in two sessions with approximately 22-25 participants per session and mentored by those senior translators. Due to the time and space limits, the participants were only allowed to take two different learning topics to join the discussion.

Couples of Jastrans fellows came to the meeting and shared the attendance in different learning sessions. They were Ms. Nia Zulkarnain – the General Manager of Jastrans, Ms. Maula Nissa – The Executive Team of Jastrans, Ms. Regina Mayura and Mr. Aziz Khoiri – The Translator Team of Jastrans, and Mr. Firman Afriyan Pratama, The Marketing Team of Jastrans. This was a motivating meeting that refreshed our knowledge and enthusiasm for deciding to work as a translator.

By Jastrans Team